10 Fabulous Garden Seatings – Inspiring Ideas

1. With carved wooden chairs and low table set with beautiful hand-crafted pottery and glassware, this covered verandah makes a fabulous Raj-style outdoor room. English china and beaten copper bowls, silk cushions and bolsters set off the dark wood. The exotic touch a mosaic column with colored lanterns and lights adds magic after sunset.

2. How about this beautiful secluded blue-painted bench on a raised step for an outdoor break?

3. Wicker furniture combined with an eye-catching fabric of a rectangular cushion cover will help create a relaxed garden seating.

4. With an old bench, there’s a vintage feel to this setting. You can create that old-fashioned charm by adding a selection of cushions with vintage pattern like polka dot, making the “Secret Garden Bench” perfect for an outdoor break.

5. You can bring your living room onto the patio with a wicker sofa and a chair, adding splashes of bright color with accessories like a pink throw and cushion covers. Butterfly decor and lantern lighting will complete the look.

6. You can transform a corner of your garden into an oasis of calm with patterned floor mats give the look a distinctive Moroccan feel and colorful stripy fabrics adding to the ethnic look.

7. An inviting and lively setting can be created in this patio using a palette of hot pink. Classic metal garden furniture dressed with floral and plain fabrics accentuates an informal mood of this setting. Crisp white linen napkins contrast bright pink tableware, while a ribboned parasol creates a sense of holiday fun.

8. To create a warm Caribbean feel in your backyard you’ll need white rattan furniture with tropical patterned fabrics in lime, watermelon and tangerine. Tealights and shell candles will add to it and a striped awning and home-made windbreak will provide shelter.

9. The bright fuchsia bedding on a four poster bed creates an attractive focal point in this enchanting setting. The curvy Eastern-style hanging chairs add to a magical fairytale quality in this tranquil space which is ideally suited to private relaxation and stylish socialising.

10. Secluded and tranquil, this courtyard, fringed with roses, lavender, acers and clematis, is filled with visual interest. What an amazing and enticing place to relax on warm summer days!

source: housetohome.co.uk


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