10 Libraries of the Rich and Famous

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Celebrities can be bookworms like some of us: a good number of them might curl up on a sofa with a good book. It’s unexpectedly nice to learn that famous people possess a lot of books, like Karl Lagerfeld who has an enormous, chic and well stocked library, which is not surprising as he owns a bookstore next door to his studio. Here are 10 photos of famous home’s libraries.

Karl Lagerfeld

Michael Jackson

James Stewart

Greta Garbo

Frank Sinatra

Diane Keaton

Joan Rivers

Kelsey Grammar

Oprah Winfrey

Woody Allen

Rod Stewart
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One comment on “10 Libraries of the Rich and Famous

  1. Actually, if I recall correctly, that is Joan Rivers’ foyer in her Connecticut country house. She does have a grand formal library in her Upper East Side Manhattan apartment that opens onto a lovely terrace.

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