10 Stylish Kitchen Spaces

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From work zones to family-friendly havens, these amazing kitchen spaces of various styles will inspire you with design ideas in case you think of designing the kitchen of your dreams one day as I do.

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2 comments on “10 Stylish Kitchen Spaces

  1. I Love my kitchen, I really do… but I have one regret about it and I wish I dared a little more when I remodel it a few years ago – it’s floor to ceiling covered in tiles.

    I know it’s the way they usually do in kitches – and in bathrooms as well – in my country. But I so wish to have real walls I could change the pain through the years.

    Oh well, it’s still a nice kitchen… I’m in it right now writing this and feeling envy for the owner of kitchen number 2.

    Hope you’re having a gorgeous weekend, Sweet Laura!

  2. My favorites are the first two.
    What color are the tiles in your kitchen?

    Thank you for your beautiful comments, dear Teresa!

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