15 Inspirational Christmas Outdoor Decorating Ideas

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Christmas Decorating Ideas

This year has gone by and with the holidays approaching, everyone is getting in on a festive holiday mood and decorating homes and outdoors with stunning decorations, festive garlands, window trimmings, and Christmas wreaths. Here’s some inspirational outdoor Christmas decorating ideas from Better Homes and Gardens.


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4 comments on “15 Inspirational Christmas Outdoor Decorating Ideas

  1. Oh-My-God, I entered a paralel universe with these pics :dream:… see you next year. Maybe!Amazing choices Dear Laura. I wouldn’t mind freezing just to watch all ahahahahahIn my country – and my neighboors – tend to imagine how Vegas would like on Christmas and they put all – operative word being ALLLLLL – their effort into it. ;) Why can’t I have just THIS kind of neighbors? Or You? Is it THAT much to ask???? ahahahahahaHappy and Blessed Christmas Sweet Girl!

  2. Dear Teresa, Happy Christmas and Holidays to you and your family!!it’s a little late, I know, I was away for a week.

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