Buying the Perfect Sofa

Courtney Jones, co-owner & designer of Kohler Jones furniture in San Francisco’s Noe Valley neighborhood, says the four Fs in sofa shopping are: form, frame, fabric, and fill.

According to a recent report by A.C. Nielsen, the average American watched 31.5 hours of television per week in 2010. Even those who don’t consider themselves [...]

Music Salon by Catherine Coren

The French artist Catherine Coren won many prizes like the Grand Prix from the Salon of the Armies in Paris and the Orangerie du Sénat. She was born in St Cloud, her father was a well known art dealer in Aix en Provence. Her painting is instinctive, and early in her career Catherine’s talents [...]

Lisa Bruce Eclectic Moroccan Home in Elle Decor

The three-story house of the fashion designer Liza Bruce (she made her name with a line of Lycra swimwear in 1980s) boasts with terraces and gardens, a hammam steam bath and a swimming pool. Liza and her husband, artist Nicholas Alvis Vega, have a few homes around the world – bungalows in Puglia, Italy, a [...]

Impeccable Contemporary Interiors by Sarah Richardson

Sarah Richardson creates the most dynamic, distinctive and inspirational interiors in both traditional and contemporary settings. She has led her design firm, Sarah Richardson Design, for over a decade and has three hit shows, and is about to launch a fourth.


Paris-Byzance Collection by Chanel

The collection was presented in December 2010.

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Sheryl Crow’s Beautiful Estate in Hollywood

…which she decorated herself!The residence consists of three houses – the 1926 Spanish Colonial hacienda where Sheryl lives with her two sons, a 1909 Craftsman bungalow and a 19th-century cottage where usually stay her guests and relatives.

First she bought the Spanish Colonial in 1997, two years later she acquired the adjoining property with the [...]