Patricia Urquiola Outdoor Furniture

{modern outdoor furniture} The Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola designed a range of gorgeous woven outdoor furniture in beautiful neutral palette – Canasta, Ravel, Crinoline collections are perfect for a summer evening outside.











London Apartment Contemporary Interior Design

Architect Charles Humphrey (Studio Munkenbeck&Marshall) Photo: Grazia Ike Branco



Stylish Loft in Buenos Aires Interior Design by Argentine Architectural Firm

The Argentina architectural firm Gutman-Lehrer redecorated this 90 square meters apartment in one of the Salguero towers in Buenos Aires for a young executive who likes to entertain friends and arrange dinners home. Giselle Gutman and Mariana Lehrer had the interior walls in the dwelling demolished and transformed the traditional 3-room space into a modern [...]

Staying in Castle – Interiors of Chateau de Buno

In Suite Faye located on the second floor of the Chateau de Buno, the Louis XIV century bed has a place of honour. From the private terrace there’s a beautiful view on the island and the Essonne river.

Staying in Castle Interiors – Chateau de Buno Staying in Castle Interiors – Chateau de Buno Staying [...]

Interiors Chateau de Buno, France

About 20 km from Fontainebleau, the green oasis of tranquility Parc du Gâtinais houses the Chateau de Buno offering a calm and green surroundings. With medieval finish on the outside and a neo-Renaissance tower, the interiors of the castle present an extreme contrast as in the 1950s the furnishings were renovated and feature a beautiful [...]

Luxury Shoe Store in Belgium by Design Agency Creneau Int

Alain and Robbie from Galante asked Creneau International to turn the new shop location into a theatrical yet stylish décor. Divided into 2 areas with a small storage space in the middle, the store with a wall wide mirror is covered in luscious red roses.

Luxury Shoe Store in Belgium by Design Agency Creneau Int [...]