Heaven on Earth – Lakeside Garden in Alabama

landscape design

Last year Southern Living featured a story on Jim Scott’s garden on Lake Martin, Alabama, who had been working and building the labyrinth of intersecting trails, meandering streams, hideaways, and surprises in his garden for 12 years. I came on the pictures of this man-made wonder in flickr posted by a visitor.

Heaven [...]

Moroccan Fantasy in Houston

Listing Price: $8,900,000“A Morocaan style, over the top, jaw-dropping North African fantasy in the Memorial area. Designed by the international Moroccan architectural firm Arabesque Moresque & built by The Black Stone Builder, Inc. In addition to 8 bedrooms there are 2 free-standing 2-story guest houses w/ 3 bedrooms & 2.5 bathrooms. 3 Kitchens. Oversized pool. [...]

Fascinating Country House of Italian Architect

Italian country home

The country house of architect Massimiliano Fuksas is surrounded by exuberent vegetation on the Italian island Pantelleria in the Strait of Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea. The refind simplicity of the interiors is softened by delicate pastel shades and exotic accents.

Fascinating Country House of Italian Architect Fascinating Country House of Italian [...]

Scandinavian interiors – Fantastic Loft in Sweden

Scandinavian interiors

This loft on the 6th floor of a classic building in a nice Swedish town of Gothenborg consists of 3 rooms on 96 sq. metres and sells for $660.000. Sleek stairs lead from the living room up to the mezzanine with enough room for a double bed and a drawer. Follow my blog [...]

Bring On Summer

Yellow in Interior {Peter Dunham} { Jeffers Design Group} {countryliving.com}


{Country House in Tuscany}



Haute Couture Apartment of Christian Lacroix’s Creative Director

designer’s home

It’s the Paris apartment of the Creative Director at the House of Lacroix Sacha Walckoff who had worked with the master for 17 years. Sacha Walckhoff first met Christian Lacroix in 1992, while interviewing to work on knitwear for the designer. “We spoke about Barcelona, we spoke about [the director] Jean Jeunet, and [...]