Designer Tina Barclay


Cristina Barclay, the founder of Portland-based Barclay Interior Design Group, creates comfortable, classic and sophisticated spaces. ‘Her merging of classical and modern styles provides significant and timeless interiors. The addition of sensible luxuries and strong visual statements achieves unique environments for each project.’

awesome bathroom!


‘Beauty Comes From Within’

These ad posters were designed by the Swedish ad agency Lowe Brindfors for the food company COOP.

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Shabby Chic Vacation House in Sweden

A beachfront three-storey villa has 7 bedrooms and offers beautiful views of the lake. A large dining room with rustic furniture and a fireplace has an access to the veranda and the beach. On the ground floor there is also a living room and a study both with fireplaces.


Stylish Black & White Interiors by Kelley Proxmire


Kelley Proxmire’s projects suffuse warmth and hospitality while maintaining excellent balance, proportion and scale. Her love of color is combined with an appreciation for the fresh sophistication of white and the daring elegance of black.




Interiors Painting by Danish Artist Vilhelm Hammershoi (1864-1916)

The Danish artist created his own personal style, independent of the trends of the time. His work is confined to a few pictorial themes: interiors of the places where he lived; a solitary woman, normally with her back turned to us, in a domestic setting; portraits of family and friends; monumental buildings in Copenhagen [...]

Comfort and Balance – Designer’s Country Home in Normandie

French country home

When the designer Charles Spada decided to purchase a country home somewhere away from Paris where he had a nice apartment overlooking the Seine, this property was the first on his list, but after seeing this one he wasn’t interested in any other. The house was built in 1652 by a landowning [...]