Sweet Harmony – Beautiful Swedish Home Decorated with Josef Frank design

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Pin It Josef Frank sleek walnut desk in the home office Pin It fantastic childrens room with fanciful bed

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Modern London Home

Sponsored Links The newly built London residence features different levels. Large floor to ceiling windows and a glass extension bring in more natural light inside. The balcony provides extra seating. The vivid color of the feature wall makes a strong statement, and is followed through on the living room furniture.Combining different textures in the [...]

Photographer Greg Rannells

Sponsored Links “experiencing life through food, travel, lifestyle and communicating this through the lens is my passion. whether i’m shooting the homegrown pleasures of midwestern life or the rich culture of morocco and china, my work is about having fun, living life, and enjoying every moment with the generous people i meet along the [...]

8 Beautiful Porches

Sponsored Links You can refer to it as terrace, patio, veranda. A dreamy porch adds an entirely different dimension to a home. When a warm weather settles, you can enjoy a nice evening and a cup of tea in a rocking chair or some comfortable settee while going through a new fashion mag or [...]

Auction Find: Antique Chinese Lacquer Cabinet 17-18th c.

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Glamorous and Coloful Home in St.Louis

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The stylish yet traditonal home filled with sophisticated details belongs to a young family with 2 kids. Vibrant with a crisp and fresh palette of greens, grays, lavenders, blues with impressive touches of black and white this home is at once comforting and invigorating. (Interior designer Kris Keller, owner [...]