8 Beautiful Porches

You can refer to it as terrace, patio, veranda. A dreamy porch adds an entirely different dimension to a home. When a warm weather settles, you can enjoy a nice evening and a cup of tea in a rocking chair or some comfortable settee while going through a new fashion mag or chatting to family or friends.

images: Cottage Living, Tumblr, Myhomeideas, Southern Living


2 comments to 8 Beautiful Porches

  • glorious – a short holiday for the eyes!

    we are extremely lucky to have a wonderful ‘veranda’ (that’s what we call it, or sun room, winter garden, conservatory, serre [glass house in French] – in my understanding a porch was always an open sitting place with just a roof but no sides {2, 5, 6, 8) – I’m learning something here!

    Porches: Pure heaven; as of April to the end of September we have all meals outside/’inside’. Paradise pure and simple – dining, reading, talking under the banana plants and surrounded by flowers, bees and friends!

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