8 Easter Table decorations – Creative Ideas for DIY

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Pretty and simple – the delicate purple colors of the paper pocket for cutlery and napkins (do it yourself with a few drops of glue and a beautiful ribbon fix) the cutlery handles that look like rabbit ears.

Pretty napkin rings made of wrapping paper with spring-like motifs such as birds, flowers and butterflies and a ribbon of a matching color.
Simply cut strips of the desired width and wrap around rolled napkins. Fix the ends at the back and secure it with transparent tape. You might want to wrap a ribbon around the paper rings.

Bunny Napkins – who would have thought that napkins can look so cute?
Who would have thought that napkins can look so cute? For the Easter table decoration fold starched and ironed linen napkins into little bunnies. In just six steps, the Bunny arise with their long ears for the playful and cheerful table decoration for Easter. (graphic instructions for the bunny napkin)

This pretty idea for the Easter brunch is very easy to imitate. A cloth napkin is fold together as a triangle and fixed with a clothespin. Place a dyed Easter egg into an egg cup and a funny cardboard chicken inside the napkin.

The charming Easter table decoration with espresso cups and a colorful Easter egg that fits exactly into the cup and gets as additional decoration a bed of Easter grass and small flowering branch.

The place cards made by yourself with a small baked Easter wreaths and the polka-dot egg set and a spoon with name tag in the dough wreath.

Pretty place cards made of empty egg shell with a stamped or painted initial letter and a long stemmed flower inserted through the holes in the shell.

Cute Easter place cards


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