Air du Temps

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family home in France

A beautiful mansion of brick and stone, built under the Second Empire, is located in the old town of Angouleme. The couple, both art teachers, are passionate about decoration.



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3 comments on “Air du Temps

  1. It’s cold and rainy here so I so wanted to return to THIS home and curl in that 3rd picture with a book before having a nap in that hopelessly comfortable bedroom.Some people grow and go live in a doll’s huse don’t they? How lovely is that kitchen corner?!?!Thank you Laura for another bohemian haven.

  2. :) and, boy, do they love the colour RED…. beautiful furniture, a great live-in kitchen…. c’est magnifique – j’adore! BRAVO

  3. Dear Teresa, I’m happy you enjoyed the photos, and #3 and 4 are also my favorite! That beautiful couch and bed are so inviting!Dear Kiki! Thank you for the comment.

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