Amazing Find – Etsy Seller wannabes

Very creative and talented, Deborah Brackenbury of Etsy shop wannabes creates outstanding and unique pieces, mixing the unexpected in a quirky style. She describes the process:
“The first step is to find the animals I use in the imagery, and that means trips to taxidermy shops, natural history museums, scientific laboratories, and sometimes private homes. Then begins the teeth gnashing, hair pulling, whining, and overall anxiety in an attempt to pull together animal imagery with computer-scanned doll clothes, or old photos, through computer manipulation. The images are printed on a decal paper that is archival and then, finally, the appropriate plate must be found for a completed piece that fulfills the concept I’m looking for.”

She lives in Oklahoma and her life plan went in this order: letter carrier for the post office, tropical plant business owner, installer for the telephone company, college student majoring in geology, then biology and pre-med, then art, which she stayed with throughout grad school and into the academic workplace, and finally, a studio artist. {etsy}

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