Amazing Loft – Canal House in Amsterdam by design firm UXUS

Founded in 2003, the Amsterdam-based design firm UXUShas already worked with such clients like Adidas, Levi’s, Nike, Nokia. One of their projects, Heineken Lounge opened in Newark Liberty Airport in New Jersey December 2008.

One of their most interesting projects, Canal House is located in a historical building, an 18th century warehouse in one of Amsterdam’s canals. The client insisted to keep intact the original open plan layout . The vast room without partitions and about 240 m² is decorated with a series of Italian linen curtains instead of walls which help change the perception of space by opening/closing them and regulate the light entering through the windows. The large wooden beams and pillars support the entire loft.

The surreal atmosphere is maintained by the artworks collected by the owners in their travel around the world. The Dutch designers were able to seamlessly combine the antiques and modern art in Canal House.

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Photo: Dim Balsem

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