Antique Dressing Table Sets, Nécessaires, Travel Cases For Ladies and Gentlemen

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It is assumed that the most ancient combs were fish skeletons. One of the most ancient combs was found during excavations in the territory of Ancient Rome, it was made of animal bone with hand-carved eight teeth. Later combs were made of wood, coral, ivory, animal horn, tortoise shell. (In 1870 celluloid was invented which completely changed the production of combs.)

During the Renaissance a comb transformed from an ordinary tool for hair care into a luxurious accessory, decorated with gems. Since the 16th century, the daily grooming ritual known as the toilette (from the toile or cloth spread on the table during the various dressing activities) was taken very seriously and formed a kind of semipublic ceremony. The importance of this custom was expressed in the creation of costly toilette services comprising numerous matching pieces, including a variety of boxes, nécessaires, small travel cases containing objects deemed necessary for toilette.

Edwardian silver vanity and dressing set, c.1901
Victorian Gentleman’s Travelling Dressing Table Set, 1849
Woman at Her Toilette, School of Fontainbleau c.1550-70
Ivory dressing table set, French, c. 1870
18th cent silver necessaire
18th century engraving of fashionably dressed lady
Lady at Her Toilet, Utrecht School, 17th c.

Antique silver dressing table set, England, 1904
Victorian dressing table set, England, circa 1850
Silver-guilt and enamel dressing table mirror for the Paris Exposition of 1900, designed by Paulding Farnham ($80.000 at Christie’s)
The Coquette at her Toilet, after George Morland
Fabergé silver-mounted cut-glass dressing set, 19th c
Art deco vanity set in celluloid
Sterling silver antique vanity set

Apollo Large Emerald Jeweled Vanity Set c1940s (

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  1. You know that feeling “Give me that! They’re ALL Mine!!!!”?Well, all you posted here it’s IT for me. I’m definetly a Classic, when even when adjusting and modernizing my tastes and lifestyle, I find myself sighing with these objects and the theme of the paintings.Good Morning, Sweet Girl! Wishes of a Blessful and Happy Week.Yours,Teresa

    • Teresa, you tooHave a great week!And I hope you’ve been fine!and I’m gonna go see what’s new you got in your blog!

  2. Antique dressing table always be a favorite furniture for women. As a women I am always insists my husband to buy a new dressing table for me. And my loving husband make to fulfill my wish. It’s a french dressing table I am really loving it.

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