Antiques Dealer’s Colorful Home

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The china-blue on the chimneybreast is a bold contrast to the chartreuse-green walls in the living-room.

Robert Gordon, the antiques dealer, was wedded to the pale tones of Scandinavian decor – until his wife got busy with her paintbrush.

There’s a mix of pieces in the kitchen.

While the couple shared a passion for vintage things, their styles when they met differed wildly: Gordon, whose mother is Swedish, favoured pale Gustavian-style pieces, while Allison craved colour. So when she moved into Gordon’s garden flat in Belsize Village, north London, Allison was somewhat stumped by its pallor. ‘There were lots of pale greys and whites,’ she recalls. Mercifully for her, Gordon was game for a change. ‘Lucie opened me up to a completely different approach to interiors,’ he says.

The main bedroom’s French doors open on to the garden.

A cabin-style bunk bed in the girls’ bedroom



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