Art Deco Fashion Design – “La Vie Parisienne”

Fashion Plates c. 1918-30 from the French fashion magazine La Vie Parisienne

“..If Lady Maulevrier looked like a picture in the Escurial, Lady Kirkbank resembled a caricature in La Vie Parisienne. everything she wore was in the very latest fashion of the Parisian demi-monde, that exaggerated elegance of a fashion plate which only the most exquisite of women could redeem from vulgarity.”

(Phantom fortune, by the author of ‘Lady Audley’s secret’ by Mary Elizabeth Braddon)

The centerfolds in La Vie Parisienne frequently featured risqué fashion themes, such as underware and corsets. “How They Go To Bed,” for example, dealt with nightgowns. (“They,” of course, refers to women.) The undeniably phallic “How They Eat Asparagus” was censored..

(Paris fashion: a cultural history By Valerie Steele)


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