Art Deco style – Sam Rollinson by Damian Foxe

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2 comments on “Art Deco style – Sam Rollinson by Damian Foxe

  1. I love that transition time in history. I really do.I love the sense one gets – elegance, glamour… – when going through those times.And the clothes. Oh the clothes. The only time where correcteness was flirty. And the hair dos?!?!And the brides?My daughter is a non-frill girl, and I walways tell her “Grow-up, find a Prince (I think when your daughter marries a Prince you become a Queen, right?!??! ;) ) and Mum will show your perfect attire to that day” (guess what style I’ve been thinking? Yes, Art Deco. In this line:I came here to thank for your comments and I’m so happy we found this to “talk” about.Thank you (in both accounts – mine and your blog).Love,T

    • I’m fascinated by the era. Can I ask you how old your daughter is?How exciting – I don’t know why I was sure you have a son..thank you, Sweet Teresa!xxLaura

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