Artist and Designer Klaus Haapaniemi

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Based in London, designer, graphic artist and illustrator Klaus Haapaniemi is known for his detailed illustrations that have references to folklore and deisgns that bring to mind fairy tale forests, his garment prints for Dolce & Gabbana, Marimekko, Diesel. He created illustrations for the Observer newspaper and not once exhibited his work. The artist was named as one of the most important rising stars in illustration and design. Together with the Finnish writer Rosa Liksom Klaus Haapaniemi published a book entitled ‘Giants’.

Silk Scarves

Beautiful Embroidered Cushions

Dinnerware taika and korento for Iittala


shawls and throws


{the designer’s site where you can buy those beautiful products}

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2 comments on “Artist and Designer Klaus Haapaniemi

  1. I can see so many reminiscences of Europe traditional embroideries in his Art.
    Amazing pieces.

    As for the pictures you posted one has to love the cat doing his peacok pose ahahah.

    Love that cover in the bedroom posted before the last ceramics :love:

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