Award Winning Victorian Maisonette in London

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This charming home has two bedrooms and two sitting rooms where retro pieces, French and English antiques and contemporary decor are beautifully pieced together.

Once a bedroom, the upper living room is transformed into a formal sitting room, painted in Railings by Farrow & Ball. The ceiling  and  floorboards are painted in a white eggshell.

The upholstered coffee table is a hybrid made by the owner from several other pieces of furniture.

a soothing palette in the living/dining room

Almost all the furniture was found on eBay, in antiques shops or at auction.

The walnut sideboard was bought at an auction.

The three antique shoe lasts were purchased for just £10 on eBay, the writing desk was restored and repainted by the owners and now makes a pretty dressing table.

Black and white units create a streamlined look in the kitchen. Fake slate flooring was replaced with ceramic tiles.


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