Beautiful and Spacious Apartment in Barcelona

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Built in the early twentieth century, this house boasts large spaces and high ceilings. The new owner, adapting its austere aesthetics and aristocratic spirit, enjoys all the comfort and placidity of the place.
With the complete renovation, when the walls and floors were demolished, the owner recreated the splendor of the original construction. The doors, handles, windows, shutters and moldings have been restored, where possible, or copied. The white color reigns throughout the house. The art pieces and antiques came mostly from the family or have been acquired by the owner in Spain, Europe and the U.S. The contemporary designer furniture and antique furniture make a perfect tandem in this pristine backdrop. {as featured in Nuevo Estilo}

A lacquered wood coffee table showcases a collection of antique silver goblets and a terracotta art deco cougar.

The pair of white Barcelona chairs by Mies van der Rohe neighbor the two Louis XVI chairs.

The dining room between the lobby and the lounge. A pedestal with a bust of Antinous (Carrara marble, 18 c). The female nude painting is a French work of the 19th c.

Dining room. The Doge table designed by architect Carlo Scarpa for Simon Collezione, leather chairs by Sit Down, New York.

Stainless Steel Kitchen by Bautek, Bosch fridge and oven

In the gallery a rustic table and wicker chairs contrast with the fabulous antique chandelier, acquired at Mavi Lizan.

Through the gallery there’s a master bedroom.

The master bedroom combined with a small study with an extensive collection of some 300 books – 17th and 18th cc.

The bathroom with a 1940s bronze figure on the countertop


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2 comments on “Beautiful and Spacious Apartment in Barcelona

  1. Wonderful place. I know it has circulated blogland for a while now, but I never tire of the timeless style.Love!x CharlottaSpace for Inpiration

  2. Hi Charlotta!I know these photos are out there, almost everywhere, but the place is such a gem I just couldn’t resist.Thanks for visiting and joining my lovely readers.By the way, I couldn’t find the archives in your blog, I guess I’ll just have to follow the links on the menu.xxLaura

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