Black and Yellow – Bold and Splendid Color Combination

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Tobi Fairley

home office by Abbe Fenimore Studio Ten 25

(all images via pinterest)

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2 comments on “Black and Yellow – Bold and Splendid Color Combination

  1. Yellow is a “danger” isn’t it?!
    We even have a saying in my Country that suggests that there would be no bad taste if it wasn’t for the yellow ahahahahh
    But the fact is that I love it. Really do. Specially in decor. Since in fashion is easy to loose the grip of it. But black and yellow can (almost) never wrong as your pictures prove it. I use to say that a touch of yellow in a dark room proves the person who lives there has a witty sense of humor. The best kind.

    Loved this post. Need to return to pinterest and pin your lovely choices.

    Than you,

    • Dear Teresa! So nice to hear from you and enjoy your thoughtful comment – as usual.
      Hope you’ll have a wonderful weekend with your family!

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