Blue and White – a house with Moroccan style elements

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Designer Martin Horner { via House beautiful}

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4 comments on “Blue and White – a house with Moroccan style elements

  1. But for some silly details – that fish over the fireplace, the American Flag over the other – this is an amazing Place.
    The outdoor is unbeatable! Can you imagine doing the dishes in that kitchen? :D REAMY:
    Love it,

    • I agree – the kitchen is amazing – I’d be hanging out there all day long!
      Somehow I knew that you’d say something about this home.
      Thank you, dear friend!

  2. Meant DREAMY! ;)
    I see that you added the Pin it function – so happy. Going to pin this home later.
    Thank you!

    • Hey Teresa! How are you!
      Love some elements here .
      Too much of blue for me.
      Hope you’re enjoying spring!!

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