Bright Colors, Spring Flowers and Festive Wallpapers for Home Spring Updating

Home Interior Decorating

Spring updates such as painted accent walls or decorative pillows can freshen up your home with minimal effort. Decorative pillows, for instance, would compliment the existing palette in your home and redefine its overall feel. Accent walls can update your space and make your room feel brand new.

1. Making space. The furniture, painted the same color as the wall, opens up the space, and a glossy cupboard against a wall matte finish would add texture along with color.

2. Clear Vases. Keeping vases clean and clear with a fresh bouquet or a single flower in each one is a simple and dramatic way to bring in a fresh feel in your home.

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3. Pale Palette. It always give a casual yet classic feel. Clean lines evoke the breezily beautiful look of a beachside cottage.

4. Juicy Colors. Stimulating colours like juicy pink and citrus bright get the adrenalin going. Mixing bright colors with neutrals is the best way to avoid overwhelming the senses.

5. Garden themes. Leaf prints and tree motifs on cushions and tablecloths, wallpaper and curtains bring in a joyous optimism, reviving a tired room.

How To Update Your Home For Spring

Cathryn Archer, regional interior design manager at Laura Ashley, says:
-Create a focal display of treasured items – use photo frames, candles and collectables.
-Don’t be afraid to mix colours, textures and patterns; patterned cushions with a block colour sofa, for example, gives an instant point of interest and adds depth.
-Use console tables to divide an open-plan room. Place on the back of a sofa.
-Lamps and spots can define areas of your house and create a warming, traditional or contemporary feel.
-Wallpaper is back in a big way. Be brave and commit to a statement wallpaper, just make sure the size of the print is fitting for the space. {}


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