Coloful and Lovely Family Home in Germany

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The living room

The sea blue wall and the rattan bench in the hallway

The Game room where the kids can play is near the living room.

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Splendid Mediterranean style home in Andalusia

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The studio Decoración Heloísa Málaga recreated the southern tradition in every color and finishes in this family home and made it the perfect environment for family living, relaxed and welcoming. The total area of the house is 400 sqm plus gardens and patios outside. Two living rooms, a dining room, a kitchen, [...]

14 Bathrooms with Views

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How amazing are these bathrooms? Being able taking a relaxing soak while enjoying mountains or lake views? These are some gorgeous bathroom designs to enjoy.

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Tsao & McKown Architects: Conversion of Traditional New York Apartment into Open-Plan Home

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Simple architectural forms set the stage for the owners’ lives and objects collected over the years, reflecting a desire for sanctuary from urban stress.When the present owners first saw it, the apartment was a dark, divided space in which Op Art, 1920′s Gothic, and other stylistic whims conflicted. In an effort to [...]

Designer Tina Barclay

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Cristina Barclay, the founder of Portland-based Barclay Interior Design Group, creates comfortable, classic and sophisticated spaces. ‘Her merging of classical and modern styles provides significant and timeless interiors. The addition of sensible luxuries and strong visual statements achieves unique environments for each project.’

awesome bathroom!


10 Bedrooms with Adjoining Private Bathroom

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