Etsy Finds: Homemade Wall Decor and Tableware

Simple yet witty designs created by Bailey Doesn’t Bark company include handmade tableware, paper goods, jewelry and home accents, inspired by ‘memories, dreams and nature’. So lovely. Here’s more to see and purchase at Etsy.

The Four Seasons Wall Decor The Four Seasons Cup Set Postcup Ants On My Mug



Easter Decorations in Purple and Lavender – Easter Crafts, DIY

Easter decorations Hanging vases for pansies

Baby-food jars are transformed into cute light-infused hanging vases. The “bands” are two-layers of ribbon lengths — one, wider gingham; the other, thin white — affixed in back with hot glue. Suspend in a window at staggered heights using thin craft or florist wire and ribbon. One note about [...]

Etsy Finds: Valentine Cards (2)

Etsy Finds: Valentine Cards (1)

QuirkynBerkeleyCards KardsbyKaylee PaperDaisyCardDesign empapers PinkrainShop


CheekyGreetings HelloHatty PuppyLoveCreations [...]

Designer Tembolat Gugkaev

Funny sockets



Street lily – street light



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Etsy Finds: Valentine Cards

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Etsy Finds: Valentine Cards (2) starflycreations Valentines Card, Loves Me – Loves Me Not, Card with Detachable Petals Cutture Flamingo Love – Laser Cut Valentine Card in Cranberry and Arctic Grey TheWallarooValentine Card – You are my cup of tea LaBelleVieDesign Illustrated heart printed on 110 pound bright white French Paper in [...]

Blue and White Contemporary Porcelain

Originating in China, porcelain manufacture became higly organized during 10-13th centuries, and sometime in the 14th century porcelain art was being exported to Europe, particularly the most well-known Chinese porcelain art style as the coveted ‘blue-and-white’ wares. In 1517, Portuguese merchants began direct trade over the sea route with the Ming Dynasty and were [...]