15 Inspirational Christmas Outdoor Decorating Ideas

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This year has gone by and with the holidays approaching, everyone is getting in on a festive holiday mood and decorating homes and outdoors with stunning decorations, festive garlands, window trimmings, and Christmas wreaths. Here’s some inspirational outdoor Christmas decorating ideas from Better Homes and Gardens.


Green Design – Light Shades by Graypants

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The Seattle-based design studio produces these pretty scrap light shades entirely from repurposed cardboard boxes, all of the lampshades are handmade and vary in shape and size.



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Outdoor Party Decorating

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John Singer Sargent. Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose Romantic lanterns – garpa.de

Lampshades – rice.dk

Garden torch “Tulip” – realkonzept-shop.de Lanterns – nordal.eu Wonderful decoration for a garden pond “Flammea” – design-3000.de ”The Iceland Lantern” – riviera-shop.de Viteo room dividers can look really chic. Equipped with plants that grow [...]

Josef Frank Designs: Furniture, Lighting, Fabrics

Sponsored Links The designs, buildings and writings of Josef Frank go back to the roots of Modernism, to the ideal of Viennese culture at the start of the 20th century, and to the beginning of the “Scandinavian style.” As one of the first advocates of classical Modernism, he became a prophet of the new [...]

Stylish and Innovative Lighting by Preciosa

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Preciosa, located in Jablonec nad Nisou (Northern Bohemia), produces crystal trimming chandeliers as well as fascinating spectrum of contemporary decorative lighting fixtures. The company is known for the craftsmanship of the generations of glassmakers and its custom-made lighting fixtures for prestigious buildings. The company’s chandelier making tradition dates back to 1724.

In [...]

Modern Lighting – Pretty Abat-jours

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Abat-jour BloomA very cute suspension floral-inspired contemporary abat jour consists of multiple white satin petals of polypropylene.

Abat-jour BudThe lampshade Bud is also designed to easily adapt to all light bulbs including energy saving.{loft18.fr}

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