Charming Tiny Manhattan Studio

The studio is full of clever, thrifty touches.

It’s located in the the Upper West Side, down the block from the Dakota, on West 72nd Street. The apartment consists of a single room with a a dining table and a couple of swivel chairs, a bed and a desk. Malena Georgieva rents the 200 square feet space for $1,750 a month.

Three photographs of orchids were taken on Malena’s Canon Rebel, blown up to 6-by-6-foot images, then hung on the walls and ceiling surrounding the bed.

The most expensive furnishings are the Tirup chairs ($400 each) and lumber, which Malena and her father used to build the queen-size platform bed – all together with other furnishings, she spent about $1,500.

The bench at the window is made of an upholstered board put on top of a radiator.

Malena glued tiny Chinese toys to the frame of a $9 mirror and painted it all white.

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