Charming Vacation House with Lush Gardens in Ibiza

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The owner of this home, a jewelry designer and art dealer from the UK, captivated with the island spell, restored the old house with charming courtyards and terraces in Dalt Vila and turned it into his summer retreat. The eclectic interiors of the house reflect all the influences inherited from the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Arabs. The whitewashed walls of the house are the perfect backdrop for the colorful textiles, handcraft furniture, and all the ethnic pieces the homeowner accumulated over the years in his many travels. The beautiful courtyard and outdoor spaces were restored thanks to the care of the owner passionate about gardening. {nuevo-estilo}

The lush plants cover the facade of the palace.

A cool, soothing salon with the plants converted into a tranquil oasis. The original building had a top floor, which was removed in the living room to added height. Now a row of windows, decorated with arches, under which there is a ledge with terracotta pots with asparagus that runs along the perimeter of the room.

The sofas, upholstered in white cotton, are embellished with various Afghan hand embroidered fabrics.
In the background there’s a sofa with an antique mirror.

Years and expert care turned the backyard with ferns, papyrus, elephant ears, lilies into a lush garden with a fountain with fish and frogs. The Moroccan lanterns hidden in vegetation create a magic atmosphere.

One bedroom has a terrace with hibiscus, begonias and diplademias. A day bed and Indian tables complete a lovely outdoor seating area.

The master bedroom with antique four-poster bed and desk is decorated with an Indian embroidered quilt and a suzani wall hanging.

The tiled bathroom inspired by an Arab hammam overlooks the patio.

The kitchen is decorated with pieces of local handicrafts, ceramics, glass.

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