Christmas Decorating – Crate & Barrel

Christmas Decorating


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  • Laura, laura, laaaaaura!

    Didn’t we agree that my web friends wouldn’t post any beautiful and dreamy Christmas Decor until I was over deciding mine? Didn’t we???? huh? We didn’t!

    Ok, you didn’t receive the memo so I’ll have to forgive you for running havoc with my emotions ;) .

    Your decors are lovely, dreamy and full of Spirit, as usual…

    I still can pull the first pic alignment of lights and my husband must tear down our used fireplace and build a new one so I can fill it with candles and do that setting before Christmas…

    Need to go and call him, he’ll love the idea, I’m sure. Thank you for sharing and Merry Christmas Sweet Girl!!!


    P.S. I chose silver and purple (well, I think it’s more plum) tones for my home decor this year… so I can and will do that first pic setting :happydance:

  • Happy Holidays, dear Teresa!
    I enjoy immensely your comment – so funny!
    I feel good thinking that you enjoyed the post and hopefully your husband will also!

    Silver and purple or plum (even more juicy color!) – it’s going to be beautiful! Take pictures of your Christmas decor and put them on your blog – would be nice to see!!!

  • Gorgeous Photos, yet again! Pinned even more. Btw, you ARE on aren’t you??

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