Contemporary Design of Victorian House in Notting Hill

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In this beautiful home the classic style is combined with contemporary design. The DOSarchitects renovated the Victorian house to meet the needs of a growing young family.

The kitchen and dining areas are fully open onto the outside terrace.

The living area extends onto the terrace through the glass doors.

The glass structure redesigns the interior space of the living area.
An old Moroccan door opens into the living room.

The colorful stairs lead to the children’s room

modern kitchen design

elegant bathroom with a freestanding bath on a small platform near the window

the outdoor courtyard is connected to the living area
{at casa}

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2 comments on “Contemporary Design of Victorian House in Notting Hill

  1. I’d trade a division of my home for that modern chandelier in that size. WOW! Somehow when one thinks of Notting Hill we think of the movie with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, tiny and crowded places. This is an absolute wonder.

    Thank you for sharing! My faughter would love those stairs.

    • The chandelier is awesome!
      yes, Notting Hill and the movie – for me they always go together.
      Your daughter is adorable!!

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