Contemporary Home by Studio William Hefner

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Designers at Studio William Hefner integrate architecture and interior design into a seamless process which begins from the inside and works its way to the outer gardens beyond. Their portfolio feautures an aesthetic sensibility that combines livability with a luxury of details and materials.

{Studio William Hefner}

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2 comments on “Contemporary Home by Studio William Hefner

  1. You need to stop finding (my) Dream Homes! No, really!!! Oh my, this one is absolutely amazing!

    I think I need to “unrule” my garden… yes, I do. I need that secret garden feeling, no more tidy and safe. In the past months I’ve been growing unpleased with mine? Not that it isn’t nice, mind you, but I think there’s no surprise factor in it and I would like to create some whimsy and surprises. Wether I achieve or not it will depend of how the divorce goes after I tell husband ahahahah
    Thank you for sharing!

    • I absolutely adore your garden from the FB photos,
      When I get my own garden I’d prefer it to be tidy.
      Thank you for visiting divine Teresa!

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