Cool Design

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home decor, accessories

Solitaire by B. Barford & A. Klauser. Olive (or Malteser) dish made from cream glazed earthenware. {}

Volna Table by Nuvist. {}

LED Slippers {}

Match Candleholders Designed by Form Us With Love for Muuto {}


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2 comments on “Cool Design

  1. Lovely Choices!I missed you and your posts, Dear Laura!!!Just don’t go and show the LED slippers to hubby, the man is living a 70′s revival and sighs with everything that had led’s ahahahahah.On Christmas I offered him a silly lamp with glass fibre with led lights on top that goes from red, to blue, to green… if he goes for those slippers it’s the dog’s house for him ahahahaahh

  2. Lol! Those slippers are smth. And I missed your funny and sweet comments, my dear Teresa. You’ve changed your profile photo, I love it, you’re so younger than on the previous one.

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