Cubic villa on Lake Maggiore – Architecture, Interior Design

Villa – Architecture, Interior Design

In 1905, a young woman from Hanover bought some land on the legendary Monte Verità. A hundred years later, Francesca Lappe commissioned the architects Stefano Gueli and Fausto Forni to build a villa and design its interior which her great-grandmother would have certainly loved.

 The elegantly shaped facade provides the view of the harbor in Ascona, Switzerland, while the backsaide side of the house faces a garden and a small forest.

 The swimming pool offers a fantastic view of the Swiss Alps and Lake Maggiore

 The bedroom with a terrace provides a panoramic view of the lake and mountains

 The staircase with glass banisters leads up the entrance from the parking lot.
 The large living room with floor to ceiling glass on three sides and a terrace
 The glazed entrance hall connects the two wings of the building to the garden.
 U-shaped house plane with a courtyard connecting the two wings


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