Danielle Steel’s Beach House in WSJ

The famous author Danielle Steel (her 101 books have sold about 580 million copies globally) considers this beach house on the California coast her home, which she bought in 2002 for $6.5 million. She says she’s always wanted one but “was never married to anyone who wanted a house there.” Ms. Steel married her first husband, a French banker, when she was 18. She was married several more times and raised nine children.

Ms. Steel also owns a a 55-room mansion in San Francisco with a formal ballroom and an antique-rich library and a Paris apartment overflowing with taxidermy, including a stuffed giraffe in the entryway.

The main theme of this 3-bedroom house is hearts, present everywhere from paintings to heart pillows with inscribed sayings – “Real love stories never have endings”, for instance.
Funny – one of her exes, after observing the decor, remarked it was clear she was not planning on getting married any time soon. Ms. Steel replies she is happy with her independence.

***In 1989 Ms. Steel made “The Guinness Book of World Records” for having a book on The New York Times Bestseller list for 381 consecutive weeks—a record she has since broken.
The full article by Nancy Keates is here

The painting in the living room by Sam Messer shows a pink Olympia typewriter – Ms.Steel uses an Olympia while writing her books.

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The carpet in the hallway features a quote from Anne Frank: “In s[ite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart”.


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