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one color decorating,home interior decorating ideas
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“There’s nothing you’d love more than to update the look of your living room, refresh your bedroom or give your kitchen new life. But you’re not ready to fuss with color wheels or stress over which of a dozen decorating themes to choose. So why not try one-color decorating?

When you base a room’s decor around a single color, decisions become a whole lot easier. Plus, using one hue to cover a room’s walls can create a soothing effect, make a space look larger and offer more design flexibility than splashing up multiple colors. Best of all, you can take this project from start to finish in three simple steps:

  • Pick your color.
  • Consider an accent.
  • Keep things fresh.

one color decorating,home interior decorating ideas

Pick Your Color
Naturally, you want to select a color you like. To zero in on just one, notice which color attracts your attention most when you shop for clothes, towels, bed linens and the like. Think about how different hues make you feel. If orange energizes you, it might be perfect for the kitchen or a workout area; if sea blue calms your nerves, it might be ideal for surrounding your bathtub getaway.

Bear in mind that bolder, more intense colors usually work best in rooms where you spend relatively short bursts of time, such as a hallway or dining room. Make sure you take into account the lighting in the room, too. If your breakfast nook gets a full blast of morning sunshine, then lemon yellow walls may be overpowering. If you prefer soft lighting in the living room, then rich brown walls may make the space too gloomy.

one color decorating,home interior decorating ideas
Consider an Accent
Having a one-color theme doesn’t mean you’re stuck with the same shade of blue (or green, or pink) for the entire room. Try using different shades and intensities throughout the room, particularly on trim and accessories. For instance, try a deep lavender bedspread to complement light lilac walls in the bedroom. Or, for the ultimate in simplicity, consider using white as an accent to any color, creating a clean, sophisticated look in any room.

one color decorating,home interior decorating ideas
Keep Things Fresh
When you let a single color dominate a room, updating the look is easy, because you have just one hue to worry about complementing. For instance, if you’ve selected a calm beige for your living room walls, seasonal refreshes can be as easy as switching out throw pillows and table toppers — fresh green for spring, nautical blue for summer, burnt orange for autumn, rich red for the holidays.

In short, the beauty of one-color decorating themes is that they let you have some fun with your decor — stress free!”

one color decorating,home interior decorating ideas

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