Designer Jean Royère

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French designer Jean Royère (1902–1981) was born into a rich family, he started his career as a decorator when he was 29. He didn’t receive a professional training but had an innate taste for decoration. He started working at a factory at the Faubourg Saint-Antoine in Paris and received his first major commission (the bar at the Carlton on the Champs-Élysées) in 1933. After that successful project he began his collaboration with Pierre Gouffé in the creation of high quality furniture. In the 1940s Jean Royère founded his own design company and opened its branches in other countries. In 1980 he settled in the United States.

lounge chair c. 1959


rattan vanity

floor lamp

lounge chairs c. 1955

armchairs ‘shah d’iran’ c.1958

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4 comments on “Designer Jean Royère

    • I love those gracious and clean lines..
      The lamps are beautiful.
      Thank you for visiting, my friend.

  1. It is really worth it to pursue his dreams since he really has the talent in designing. It is so nice!

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