Designer Rhonda Vandiver White

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Dallas based designer Rhonda Vandiver White founded RSVP Design Services to offer clients her design skills and extraordinary attention to detail. Her work as a designer in exceptional furniture and antique showrooms has given her the opportunity to work in many different styles including Traditional, Texas Ranch, and Contemporary. Her work has been featured in TIME, Southern Accents, Texas Ranch magazines, and AVA Living publications. {}

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2 comments on “Designer Rhonda Vandiver White

  1. I want that third-picture bedroom. Please, pretty please?!
    Oh the comfort and cozyness of it.
    Lovel, love, love.
    Love the second-pic one too but that transition between spaces wouldn’t work in a “normal” home. Not for me at least.

  2. Hello dear friend!
    You’re right – the third bedroom is awesome! and so cozy!
    Thank you Teresa for taking time to comment.

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