Designer’s Chic Paris Apartment

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In his Left Bank apartment in the heart of the 7th arrondissement designer Olivier Gagnère combines exotic textiles with exquisite ornaments and a mismatched array of tables and chairs, quirky and classic materials, bold colors of textile and numerous artworks on the walls.

{Elle Decor}

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3 comments on “Designer’s Chic Paris Apartment

  1. Oh la la. Cés Magnifique, Oui?
    The home is lovely, those buildings are unbeatable (some have patios inside where people park their bikes or have iron chairs and tables to enjoy an evening cup of wine) but there was a detail that had me sighing of envy: that grey wall between the two windows :sigh:. Not even noticed the animal print that I’m not big fan of.
    Thank you for sharing! We’ll always have Paris, indeed. For inspiration, for dreams…

    • Dear Teresa! I saw in FB the beautiful pics of the fruits in your garden.
      That gray color is magnifique!! The designer says something about it in the article “..removed most of the doors (“To open up the rooms”), chose a Christian Dior–gray for the walls of the salons (“White would have required sunglasses”), and Farrow & Ball’s Bible Black, a deep indigo, for the entrance room, and hung the numerous pictures and photos, “it started feeling together”.
      And the building is charming, so Parisien!

  2. I laughed with the “required sunglasses” mention for the choice of white on the walls.

    We have that problem too, both indoors and outdoors as we have many hours of sun, strong sun, during the day ahahah

    Wishing you a lovely week ahead,

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