Designer’s Home

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Designer Nikie Barfield used to be an immigration attorney. But after she and her husband had been renovating their 1920s charming home in the heart of Decatur, GA, for about six months in 2004, she found a new calling in design. She describes her style as “neutral and natural” and brings in a light spirit into her own domain where linen and creamware abound, cowhide swaths the living room floor, and textured surfaces prevail. (atlantahomesmag,

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4 comments on “Designer’s Home

  1. Take away the zebra rug (you know me and animal prints and materials don’t get along ;) ) and I’ll move there tonight.
    I’m afraid I’d deem this Home a Perfect 10! Absolutely and almost ridiculously Perfect in all details, shape and size.
    Need to pin this to my Perfect Home Board :)
    Thank you!

  2. Nikie woaw; if this is YOUR home, you’ve really, really nailed it! Love everything, every detail and the perfect bath & bedroom under the (wooden) sky…. :) such bliss.
    Congratulations – it’s a calm, white, cool paradise and I’d gladly keep even the zebra rug (hi Teresa!!)

    PS: We own a 1920 period home with large garden that’s FOR SALE – wall fresques, original bath & mosaic tiles, the full works – will return to our home country for new job – any interest in your circle of friends? 35′ by RER (fast train) from Paris center, 30km south-west of The City of Light….

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