Easter Decorations in Purple and Lavender – Easter Crafts, DIY

Easter decorations

Hanging vases for pansies

Baby-food jars are transformed into cute light-infused hanging vases.

The “bands” are two-layers of ribbon lengths — one, wider gingham; the other, thin white — affixed in back with hot glue. Suspend in a window at staggered heights using thin craft or florist wire and ribbon. One note about creating the “handles”: It’s best to make them double stranded for support, as shown.

Lovely vase sleeve in Easter shade

A seasonal bouquet is well-placed into a prettily pleated vase sleeve in a coordinating floral cotton fabric.

Iron it onto a fusible backing (for stiffness and to keep the cut fabric from fraying) and press in folds; snip ends to create points at the top. Small slits on each pleat allow a ribbon to gather it all up into a bow.

Colorful Kids Table

Oversize purple lollipops become edible flowers when paired with scrapbooking paper

petals and planted in buckets filled with grass-green jelly beans (wedge a small piece of Styrofoam into the base, if needed, to keep your flowers from toppling over). Duckling name-card holders let little ones know which seat is theirs (if you can’t find ducklings at your local craft or party source, go with chicks). Encourage tykes’ creativity to flow with a craft-paper tablecloth and crayons. Also up for grabs: doodle-friendly hard-cooked eggs.


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1 comment to Easter Decorations in Purple and Lavender – Easter Crafts, DIY

  • I’ve been debating about what to do as Ester Crafts…

    I don’t want to loose sight of the religious meaning of it, so I’m just absorbing all the suggestiuons and trying to adapt it.

    Lavender could be a soothing color… Great Idea, ÇLovely Girl.


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