Elegant Gray Apartment in Brazil

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If Google translated it correctly the apartment was supposed to become a chic bachelor pad, architect Diego Revollo set to work remodelling the space when the owner decided to marry so the architect had to adjust the design to the future wife’s taste and needs.

{casa abril}

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2 comments on “Elegant Gray Apartment in Brazil

  1. Well she must’ve thought “plenty space for two” :D ahahahah
    Still the final result is too masculin. For my taste, at least… Or at least that was the image intended for the photos. Seems a waste to “kill” Brasilian light among so much grayness; but each to their own ;)
    Happy New Year, Princess!

    • You absolutely right Teresa, it still looks like a bachelor pad. Love the color though. Brazilian designers are fantastic!
      Happy New Year to you too and happy weekend!

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