Etsy Finds: Valentine Cards

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Etsy Finds: Valentine Cards (2)

Valentines Card, Loves Me – Loves Me Not, Card with Detachable Petals
Flamingo Love – Laser Cut Valentine Card in Cranberry and Arctic Grey
Valentine Card – You are my cup of tea
Illustrated heart printed on 110 pound bright white French Paper in black ink. They are paired with candy apple red envelopes.
Scribble Heart Valentine Card
Valentine Card -Shakespeare’s verse and birds – Burgundy and Gray

Valentine Card – Mustache I Love You – Anniversary Card

My Heart Belongs to You – Personalized Valentine Card

VALENTINE Card GRAND PIANO – Handmade Handcut in White and Bright Shimmery Metallic Purple

Hugs & Kisses Valentine Cards on Red


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7 comments on “Etsy Finds: Valentine Cards

  1. I can’t say I’m overly fan of this holiday.Most years it fells on the beggining of Lent and as a Christian it trumps a bit the celebration…But one thing I’m loving to watch this year – and it didn’t hurt that Lent will only start a few days after, I guess ;) – is the excitement of bloggers around the world and their Etsy findings.Can you believe I just found out about Etsy? Girl, I could live there and not miss anything ahahahahah. Completely smitten.I don’t know about the Shakespeare card though ;) in a less literate love t would make him run for his life ahahahahah.I think I’ll send Valentine Cards to my best friends. I love the first one.May Love be a constant in your life, Laura!

  2. Good morning, dear Teresa! I hope you’re having a lovely weekend!Isn’t Etsy fabulous?I admire those creative people! I’m sure you’ll have a romantic Valentine’s Day with your loving husband!xx Laura

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