Foyer Decorating Ideas

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The first impressions are lasting, so it is important to make entries inviting and welcoming.
If you are a bit original or have that artistic moment, you can transform your foyer into a little piece of decorating paradise. And don’t forget – the foyer gives a clue, a glimps of what the rest of the house will look like.

You can decorate your foyer in Tuscan style with tiles on the floor, beautiful armchairs or an old rustic bench by the doorway. Some painting on the wall with a matching theme will make dramatic effect.
If you think of a mural in your foyer, then there shouldn’t be a lot of furniture to maximize impression when entering your home.
Whether it’s the style of furnishings or a color theme, a decorated and elegant foyer is a nice way to greet your visitors.

The other idea might be also elegant – to use exotic Chinoiserie themed wallpaper in the foyer. You could perfectly complete the look with beautifully arranged cut stems, leaves, and flowers in a vase or a cloth or tasseled runner on a console table or, may be, just an antique chinese trunk – almost anything related will become a vibrant conversation piece in the foyer.

19th Century Chinese Trunk with Abalone Inlay

Using intense color in the foyer like rich red or riotous green can make the foyer come alive. With a combination of a contrasting color applied for vertical stripes on the walls, your foyer would never look dull and ordinary. The decorating accessories like brass lamps scattering light around will add to the decorating magic warm and welcoming feeling.



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