Glamour and Cosmopolitan Elegance in Madrid

Renovated apartment in Madrid; designer Eugenia Soler-Roig



2 comments to Glamour and Cosmopolitan Elegance in Madrid

  • Love it! Really do. I love that old-Europe touch here and there and all that space is dreamy.

    But what really sold this house for me is the bathroom… my poor heart is aflutter ;) .

    One of those designs that were made for and by a woman… I’m babying the idea of remodeling my bathroom but I know that when I suggest that decor to my husband – as sweet as the guy is – he’s going to say “Not pratical. People in those houses don’t take baths” ahahahahah

    Madrid combines with you Laura; from time to time you return there and find a too-good-to-be-true.

    Thank you!


  • Dearest Teresa! Your lovely comment ought to be placed in the beginning of my post. As well as the bathroom images which are my favorite also.
    You always find the right words.
    Thank you.

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