Gustavian Antique Furniture

Gustavian style – this expression relates to King Gustav III of Sweden (1746-1792), reigned since 1771 till his death. He was a benefactor of arts and literature, founded the Swedish Academy, had the Royal Swedish Opera built and created a National Costume. He was an educated man and an advocate of the European Enlightenment. After having spent some time in France, he came to love the court life at Versailles and acquired a passion for the Neo-classical style. Many palaces and houses were built in the Neo-classical style during his reign in Sweden.

Light and elegant early Gustavian interiors (1770-1785) were the interpretations of the Louis XVI style with Dutch and English touch: walls, applied with rich silk damasks, blue or green, which also was used to upholster sofas and chairs, rectangular wooden panels, painted light-grey or pale-green, columns and pilasters, laurel festoons and gilded linear ornament.

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