Haute Couture Apartment of Christian Lacroix’s Creative Director

designer’s home

It’s the Paris apartment of the Creative Director at the House of Lacroix Sacha Walckoff who had worked with the master for 17 years.

Sacha Walckhoff first met Christian Lacroix in 1992, while interviewing to work on knitwear for the designer. “We spoke about Barcelona, we spoke about [the director] Jean Jeunet, and after one hour, he still hadn’t looked at my work. Instead, he said, ‘If you like Barcelona and you like Jean Jeunet, we will get along very well. And he was right.”

The home office with a 1950 desk

2. Luxurious velvet chair, Christian Lacroix for Designers Guild. 3. “Riviera” rug, vintage wooden stool – all Christian Lacroix

living room

the floor lamp from the movie “The Count of Monte Cristo.”

In the bedroom – cowhide on the wall, bedspread – Christian Lacroix

stuffed zebra bought at flea market

the artwork by Sophie Le Chat under the cornice

a Picasso vase; “hands-stool” by Friedenberg

{cotemaison.fr; photo: Jean-Marc Palisse}


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