Hilary Swank’s Refined Apartment in New York

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The Space of Grace and Serenity

Her 1,400-square-foot apartment overlooks downtown New York and although situated close to the Hudson River, her view takes in a thin slice of the river. Swank’s primary residence is a villa on the West Coast which she shares with her boyfriend and his son. New York based designer Mark Zeff who worked her California house created the interiors. He says: “Hilary is very intense and also very pure… I wanted to create a place that would give her a sense of grace and harmony.” Many of the clean-lined pieces of furniture the designer chose from the Calvin Klein Home collection. {the full article in Elle Decor}


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2 comments on “Hilary Swank’s Refined Apartment in New York

  1. Desire for any house architects or interiors designers to perform their job. At times too much of things would mess up the looks and comfort level.

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