Home Office Setup – 14 Ideas for Workspace

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Whenever you’re ready to redecorate your home office, there are some useful tips (offered by Houzz) to setup a workspace that’ll support your needs and to make your home office a space where you will be more productive.

Start a home office wish list. Let yourself daydream about what you would want in your home office if the sky were the limit. List colors, materials and specific pieces of furniture you’ve been eyeing, as well as the general look and feel you are after. You may also want to start a visual inspiration file or ideabook to keep everything together.

Thomas Hamel

How many people will be using the space? Will other members of your household need to use this space too? If you run a business from home, will you be seeing clients? If so, you may want to install a double workspace and add a few extra chairs to the room to accommodate visitors.

Do you run a paperless office? If the answer is yes, you might want to rethink your furniture needs. Many offices today can run quite efficiently with a simple table, a comfortable chair and good lighting. If you work on a laptop, you could even forgo the office altogether and simply set up your computer on the dining table or kitchen counter as needed.


Or do you need lots of storage? Be honest. If you print lots of documents or have hard copies of important records that must be saved, you will need a more substantial filing and storage system. Don’t scrimp! When you don’t allow enough room for what you have, clutter gets out of control. That said, you may be saving more than you really need to, so don’t go buy more storage when you could recycle excess documents instead.

Hillary Swank’s New York home

Look beyond office furniture. Who says you have to use a black plastic office chair and a matching set of desk accessories from the office supply store? If you are looking to personalize your space, the first step is to ditch the generic in favor of more creative furnishings.

Katherine Newman

Running a business from home? In that case, you will likely need more room to spread out. A repurposed dining table is just the right size to serve as a hub for meetings and idea development. You could even take over the actual dining room at certain times of day until you are able to set up a dedicated office.

Make an impact with bold color. Even if you veer toward white and soft neutrals in other areas of the home, the home office can be the perfect place to experiment with a hot new color. Bold hues that might feel like too much in a large living room can be just the thing to wake up a tiny office nook.

Barry Dixon

Alexandra Angle

Mats Gustafson’s home office in Stockholm



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  1. Hi! Could you please tell me more about the office in the green slatted cupboard? I love the idea of being able to just shut the doors on my office mess, as no matter how many cute boxes and containers I buy to keep things organised, I just never seem to be able to put things away. This would be perfect as I move from one tiny apartment to another. Where can I get one, or find instructions for converting an old wardrobe?

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