House of the Spanish decorator Montse Esteva

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When the Spanish iterior designer Montse Esteva bought this detached house in Barcelona, he performed a major transformation, trying to keep the charming French flavor of its past by keeping iron radiators, moldings, hydraulic floor kitchen and even the brass knobs of the doors, in a sophisticated blend of styles.

The designer decided to keep old features as plaster cornices adorning the ceilings

He designed a skylight to illuminate the stairwell, introducing a pleasant natural light stream that enhances the white walls. For the interior decorating, he chose an elegant color combination: white and gray upholstery of the sofas and the very long curtains, touching the floor, with a nod as glamorous as theatrical. In the dining area he opted for a striking mix of styles by introducing a natural wood table accompanied by antique armchairs and Panton chairs, which brings in a refined atmosphere of informality. {}


The beautiful backyard garden is a true gem of the house with potted herbs, geraniums, oleander bushes, shrubs and native plants and a pergola

Entering the house you can see the windows open to the patio. Over the leather seating, there’s a Robert Llimós painting





The living room has direct access to lovely patio garden, while the master bedroom, located on the top floor, has its own outdoor terrace





The kitchen has a certain Andalusian flair
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2 comments on “House of the Spanish decorator Montse Esteva

  1. Who is Montse Esteva? I LOVE this house! so stylish and casual at the same time. I would love to see more by this designer.

  2. It’s a gem, isn’t it? I tried to find some info about her and found only “New Spanish jewellery line Montse Esteve offers”… at

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